Well-Being for all.

Our mission is to pioneer well-being and improve quality of life through cannabinoids.

We believe that cannabinoids, when used responsibly, have the power to enhance the full spectrum of well-being and quality of life through:

Rest • Recovery • Relief • Revelry

Operating Markets and Retail Brands

As a nationwide vertically-integrated, multi-state cannabis company, Parallel has ongoing operations in four high-growth medical and adult-use markets under its retail brands. Currently, we operate 50 retail stores, cultivation and manufacturing site in four states.

Our retail brands reflect Parallel’s intent to be a leader in the cannabis industry by providing customers with a trusted, consistent, and seamless way for them to connect and learn, and to access innovative, high-quality cannabis products in a variety of forms and to elicit such a positive experience that they come back again and again.

Our brands are about welcoming every type of customer. The Parallel ethos is based on a commitment to compliance, quality and innovation, and on our actions to improve diversity, inclusivity and economic empowerment in the cannabis industry, and to be a great employer and partner in local communities. Here is where you can find us:

45 Stores in Florida

3 Stores in Massachusetts

Northampton, Brookline, Franklin

3 Stores in Texas

Our Brands

A new paradigm for well-being.

It’s somewhere that doesn’t really exist until you get there.

A daily dose of positivity to help get you through the mundane.

Empowering people to take control of their personal health and wellness.

News & Media

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goodblend™ Texas Announces Educational goodblend CannaBus™ Tour Across Texas