Surterra Wellness x Wana Brands

June 29, 2023

Tampa, Fla. (June 29, 2023) – Surterra Wellness (Surterra), the retail brand of vertically integrated multi-state cannabis company Parallel, and Wana Brands, North America’s leading cannabis edibles producer, today announced Wana’s cannabis-infused gummies will now be available to Floridians in all Surterra dispensaries as of June 29, 2023.

“We are thrilled to partner with Wana Brands – a grassroots, women-owned, innovation-focused company – to bring their premium products to medical marijuana patients across the state of Florida,” said Lynnette French, Chief Operating Officer of Parallel. “Surterra is proud to expand our offerings of world-class products, such as Wana, and continue delivering the high-quality services Surterra is known for.”

“For more than a decade, Wana has been focused on formulating products for patients who want to access the healthful compounds of the cannabis plant,” said Nancy Whiteman, Co-Founder & CEO, Wana Brands. “Parallel’s outstanding network of Surterra dispensaries throughout Florida provides patients with Wana’s proven products in refreshing flavors–such as Watermelon and Yuzu–for a range of needs from sleep to stress.”

Surterra will offer an array of Wana Brands’ premium cannabis-infused gummies including: Blueberry Indica, Watermelon Hybrid, Mango Sativa, and Strawberry Lemonade 1:1.

Wana Brands is a leader in the industry, with its range of Wana Classic gummies designed to provide tailored experiences. These class-specific and ratio gummies allow users to personalize their consumption for specific use cases. Wana gummies feature vegan recipes that incorporate real fruit pectin and all-natural organic sweeteners, while avoiding high-fructose corn syrup and gelatin. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, Wana Brands offers an expanded product portfolio, featuring diverse CBD/THC ratios, various dosages, and different onset times and durations of effects.

With 45 Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers in the state of Florida, Surterra delivers a trusted, consistent, and seamless way for patients to connect, learn, and access to the highest-quality medical marijuana products.

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With North America’s largest distribution footprint, cannabis edibles producer Wana Brands is a top international brand available in 15 U.S. states, the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico and nine Canadian provinces and territories, generating close to $300 million in retail sales annually across more than 3,000 dispensaries. Through industry-leading innovation, Wana is developing cutting-edge use-case formulations and recipes, such as Wana Quick Fast-Acting Gummies, the top-selling quick-onset edible, and the Optimals Fast Asleep formulation. Wana is committed to the communities it serves by supporting more than 50 charitable organizations in the markets where the company operates. For more information or to subscribe to Wana’s e-newsletter, visit Follow Wana on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

Surterra Wellness, a retail brand of Parallel, is a vertically integrated cannabis company that operates 45 Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers in the state of Florida. Its diverse portfolio of branded medical marijuana products enhance a patient's well-being, and are produced with plants grown in Surterra Wellness' state of the art cultivation facility, where no harmful chemicals or ingredients are used in the growing process. Surterra Wellness' brand intent is to deliver a trusted, consistent, and seamless way for patients to connect and learn, and for patients to have access to the highest-quality medical marijuana products in the state of Florida. The ethos of Surterra Wellness is based on Parallel's commitment to compliance, quality, innovation, and to be a great employer and local community partner, as well as its actions to improve diversity, inclusivity, and economic empowerment in the cannabis industry. To learn more about Surterra Wellness visit, or on Facebook.

Parallel is one of the largest privately-held, vertically integrated, multi-state cannabis companies in the United States with a mission to pioneer well-being and improve the quality of life through cannabinoids. Parallel has ongoing operations in five medical and adult-use markets under the retail brands of Surterra Wellness in Florida; goodblend in Texas and in Pennsylvania; New England Treatment Access (NETA) in Massachusetts, and a joint venture with Cookies retail brand in Nevada.